2014 Fair Awards

Designed and installed by Kimberly Alexander, the San Diego Horticultural Society display won a record 15 awards, and was sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority.


  • Edgar Engert Educational Merit Award Presented to the exhibit displaying outstanding educational merit and creative use of plant materials to encourage and inspire the home gardener. Some of the judges’ comments: “Great Design!, Good color tie-ins, outstanding benches/hardscape. We can ‘imagine’ this in our yards.”
  • Cuyamaca College Botanical Society Award is judged by faculty members of the Cuyamaca College Horticulture Department and donated by the Cuyamaca College Botanical Society. It is awarded for “the best presentation of the landscape display in the drawn landscape plan.
  • Conceptual Landscape Plan Award  Presented to the best graphic representation of the installed landscape garden.  Some of the judges’ comments: “Groovy Graphics, 2 signs with descriptions enlarged for easy viewing.”
  • Contemporary Design Award  Some of the judges’ comments: “The wide entry levels form an elegant & welcoming entrance. The pipe trellis & triangular planters are stunning.”
  • Paul Ecke, Sr. Trophy for best overall landscape. Some of the judges’ comments: “New California garden! Innovative. Superb variety of low water plant choices; like the airy plants, good use of natives and low water plants.  Sophisticated use of color and texture.”
  • 1st place Environmental Award for landscapes that benefit the environment.  Some of the judges’ comments: “Great selection of native plant material that supports our local flora & fauna yet retains a garden appearance.  Well implemented and functional water harvesting and management techniques.”
  • America Horticultural Society’s Environmental Award  Some of the judges’ comments: “This design inspires viewers to create a sustainable design.  Also the use of native plants and water management /harvesting also creates a wonderful bond with the environment.”
  • 1st Place Hardscape Feature Award   Some of the judges’ comments: “Exciting design of building with great integration. Nice/effective combination of gray textures (walls, pavers & gravel).  Great job!”
  • 2nd Place – Best Featured Entrance Garden  This was a competition to design the entrance garden to the Flower and Garden Show.
  • 2nd Place Landscape Lighting Award  Some of the judges’ comments: “Very good room lighting and accents on trees. Subtle garden lighting.  Good Example of “les sis more.” Nice shadow effects on wall. Good use of down lighting in seating area.”
  • Walter Anderson Award  Presented for the most practical landscape.
  • Tie for Master Gardener Sustainability Award  Presented to the garden that displays sustainability regarding irrigation, repurposing of materials, promoting native plants and wildlife.
  • Evergreen Nursery Green Leaf Award  Presented for the best use of plants in a home garden setting.
  • MIracosta College Horticulture Department Award  Given for the best presentation of a landscape display successfully integrating the principles of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics
  • Award Of Merit  Judged on the quality of plant material, practicality of design, presentation of conceptual design, visual appeal of installed design, educational value including labeling.